How to change an Amazon gift card to cash

change amazon gift card to cash

Are you one of those who received an Amazon gift card from Facebook but have no idea how to redeem or utilize them? If you want to buy something from any place, you should go to the shop. Gift cards are prepaid cards with a stored value that get used in place of cash at stores. The Amazon Gift Card is a type of card that may be used in place of money when purchasing things from the Amazon Store or the Amazon App Store.

Aside from using the Amazon Gift Card to purchase anything from Amazon, it gets exchanged into Naira or another currency. If you are living in Nigeria, you can change your 100 dollars card to physical cash. But first, you need to see how much you will get for trading your gift card.

However, the card may come in any amount, but the minimum to exchange for real cash is $25, while redemption is 15 cents.

Anyway, keep reading; you will know what to do with your card if you don’t want to sell it for physical cash.

What is the purpose of the Amazon gift card?

Amazon Gift Cards are only redeemable on You may use your Amazon gift card to buy a variety of goods. You may also send your gift card to someone on WhatsApp. Consider giving them an Amazon gift card instead of fretting about what to get your sweetheart. The best part about gifting an Amazon gift card is that it never expires.

The best method to put an Amazon gift card to use:

You can use Amazon Gift Cards exclusively on If you wish to use your gift card, follow these steps:

  • Obtain the claim code.
  • Navigate to the page Redeem a Gift Card.
  • Fill in the claim code.
  • Select Apply to your account balance.
  • Your gift card will be transferred to your account when you redeem your card gift.
  • Your equilibrium is never depleting. So you can keep your balance until you’re ready to make use of it.

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance?

To check your Amazon Gift Card balance:

  • Access your account from the home page.
  • Select “Your Account” and then “Gift Cards”,
  • You can now view the balance of any Amazon gift card.

In conclusion, I believe by now you have learned a lot. Remember, I showed you how to change it for cash. Just start by knowing the rate. I don’t think it is difficult. If you feel you want to redeem, visit and type in the card number as described here.

How to improve your Instagram engagement rate

Instagram engagement rate

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you already know how crucial it is to be active on Instagram every day.

However, you may have encountered the issue when you launched the app to communicate with other users and then found yourself reading through your newsfeed for ten minutes.

To help you get the most out of your Instagram time, I have put up a list of four strategies that can help you boost your engagement rate daily. These 4 strategies can also be used by anyone that wants tips for becoming a social media influencer.

1 – Respond to comments.

This may seem self-evident to many of you, but it’s a crucial step towards establishing a dedicated following.

If someone takes the time to leave a comment on one of your posts, you owe it to them to respond.
This is not just a nice gesture, but it’s also the best method to keep your fans engaged with your material in the future.

This can be done in many ways.
For example, after you’ve published your content, you can take 5 minutes to answer the first few comments.
Then, every night before you go to bed, set aside 10 minutes to respond to all of the comments you receive during the day.

Those few minutes could make all the difference in terms of retaining and expanding your audience.
It’s also the finest approach to get people talking about what you’ve written.

2 – Send a personal message to your new subscribers.

After a while, you may not be able to do this, but greeting each new subscriber with a customized message will help you to build your fanbase fast.
It’s simple: as soon as you get the notification, send a DM to your new subscriber thanking them for joining your community.
You are not required to create a novel.
A simple greeting can sometimes be enough to start a conversation and pique this new subscriber’s interest.

Remember that Instagram is first and foremost a social media platform where individuals can connect and share their interests.

These casual discussions could lead to future collaborations.

Another crucial factor to remember is that interacting with your followers’ signals to Instagram that you have a special relationship with them.
We’ve already discussed the platform’s algorithm, which, as you may know, tracks all user interactions.
As a result, if you interact with your followers regularly, they are more likely to notice your content when it is published.

As a result, even in DMs, linking to your subscribers boosts the organic reach of your posts.

3 – Encourage your readers to write a comment on your posts.

It’s as simple as that: ask your neighbors!
When you’re writing a new post, try to think of a way to include a question in the caption or the first few comments.

There’s a significant chance the algorithm will promote your work if you can demonstrate that you’re one of the users who starts discussions or disputes.
Providing content that elicits responses and comments encourages users to spend more time on the platform.
Instagram’s goal, we now know is to entice users to spend as much time as possible on the platform each day.

You can, for example, make polls.
Many fashion profiles excel at this, constructing carousels with various ensembles and asking their followers to vote for their favorite looks in the comments.

4 – Add your comments to the story.

Sharing each post in a story as soon as you write it is an excellent approach to achieve maximum visibility for your content.

Organic reach for stories is now higher than for posts posted directly on your profile.
To encourage people to notice your current news, you can share your postings by hiding a portion of the post.

How to send Amazon gift card on WhatsApp

how to send amazon gift card via whatsapp

Did you know Amazon is the world’s leading retailer? Of course, you did. That is why Jeff Bezos (we’re sure you know who he is too) is the world’s richest man, with a net worth of nearly $197-billion and growing.

With the pandemic changing our shopping habits, most of us who were buying our stuff in stores learned to buy online in 2020.

Chances are you’ve purchased a couple of things on Amazon in the last month, and so has everyone else you know.

In Q4 2019, Amazon netted $87.44-billion in sales. To give you an idea of the pandemic’s effect, a year later, Amazon earned $125.56-billion in sales in Q4 2020.

With so much variety on Amazon, it is easy to go gift shopping. However, with so much choice, it is challenging to find something you’re sure the other person will enjoy.

Why not give them an Amazon gift card instead? They can easily change the amazon gift card into cash without any hassle.

Amazon and WhatsApp – Making Shopping Convenient

As of March 2020, WhatsApp, the texting and communications app owned by Facebook, has more than 2-billion subscribers.

That is nearly a third of the planet’s population.

Chances are everyone you know uses this app to message and face-time their friends. You probably used it yourself sometime today already, right? Well, now you can send Amazon gift cards through the WhatsApp messaging system. This post looks at how you can use WhatsApp to send an Amazon gift card to anyone. It will be of help to people that know how to become a social media Influencer. Your employer might decide to pay you using an Amazon card through WhatsApp.

How to Send Amazon Gift Card on WhatsApp

Type “Amazon Gift Card” into the Amazon search bar or on your search engine browser, you’ll see thousands of options available from hundreds of retailers. There are also plenty of retail e-commerce agents selling Amazon gift cards.

Pick up your gift e-card from your retailer of choice, and you have the option of sending it to a third party using WhatsApp as the delivery service.

You have dozens of gift card designs to suit any gifting occasion, with e-cards available in birthday themes and other special life events like graduations, anniversaries, and more.

After settling on the right theme for your card with your e-retailer, you’ll add it to your cart and checkout.

The retailer will give you the option of selecting the amount. It should be between $25 and $500. You then have the option of entering your recipient details.

The retailer, or Amazon, gives you the option of selecting WhatsApp delivery through “text message” and “messaging app.”

After choosing the messaging app option, Amazon or the retailer lets you customize your gift card image to your theme.

The recipient will get their eGift card delivered to their WhatsApp account within 15-minutes after completing your purchase.

How Can I pay for an Amazon eGift Card?

You can pay for your Amazon eGift card using any major credit or debit card directly through the Amazon website.

Amazon eGift card

You also have options to pay with PayPal or other e-wallets with authorized Amazon resellers and agents. Your Amazon eGift card remains valid for one year from the date of purchase.

How to become a social media influencer

social media influencer in Nigeria

How been thinking of how to become a social media influencer in a country like Nigeria? If so, you are at the right place.
Becoming a social media influencer is not what you can just wish for. A lot of website owners that have their page on the internet, find it difficult to do that. So, you see tech people are not even experts in that.
However, a lot of people want to have an influencer career. They know how lucrative it can be.

If you check in the early 2000s, televisions, billboards, and radio were used to advertise our brands. Such media were usually used by large organizations. Others were not able to advertise on national TV, else they will risk bankruptcy.

In 2019, digital marketing started to replace traditional advertising with the latest trend known as influencer marketing. It is more organic and also effective.

If you are wondering who a social media influencer is, then you should read below.

It s an individual who has the power to affect the decision power of others due to his or her authority, position, relationship, and knowledge.
You can tag them as people who have built a reputation on a particular topic or subject.
They post regularly on their social media page and have large followers who pay attention to them,

If you want to be a social media influencer, you must go beyond posting interesting videos or pictures.

There are certain qualities, you must have to qualify as a social media influencer.

Persuasive Ability
Any social media influencer should know how to persuade their followers to act.
When influencers say anything, their follower listen. You must learn how to make them do what you want them to do.
With that ability is, you can mindset of a follower and influence his decision in buying.

Ability in storytelling
An influencer is required to be a good writer. You must know how to tell a story. It should be convincing and in a way that moves your followers.

Trust is important in the life of an influencer. You must be honest, original, and transparent so that you can gain the trust of your followers.

Becoming a social media influencer in Nigerian is a serious job. You are serious with your efforts. Don’t buy followers unless you are sure that they are coming from real people.
Fake followers will not engage in your post. You won’t attract brands with them. They may unfollow you after some time. So, don’t waste your money.
If you don’t know where to get real followers, you can either check some of my posts for paid links or follow these steps.

  1. Create fresh social media accounts.
  2. Choose a niche you are passionate about.
  3. Create great content.
  4. >Be consistent all the time.
  5. Be original and authentic.
  6. Build your group of people within the community with a common interest.
  7. Make sure you are consistent.
  8. Be highly informed.
  9. Get a nice looking website.
  10. Use Hashtags.
  11. Give high attention to comments.
  12. Lastly, follow other influencers.

successful social media influencer

If you do all this, certainly you will become a successful social media influencer.

Pros and Cons of a tankless gas water heater

tankless gas water heater benefits

Many house owners can benefit from having tankless hot water. But it is important to know what makes your property suitable to install. Do you need a contract for that? What is the water usage pattern? What of its environmental factors.
All that will help you to know if you should get it for your house.

Now let us take a look at these patterns before I write a bit on their pros and cons.

Hot Water Patterns

One of the things you considered before you setup your traditional storage tank is water use.
To set up a tankless water heater, you need to consider that too. Most times you may not be able to have enough hot water if you don’t have one with a high number of GPM. To avoid this from happening, you should check my next post for the best water heater. They sell the one with the highest volume.


An on-demand water heater can work anywhere. But they can take a long time to heat depending on the climate. It is always recommended to adjust your water heater by first observing the temperature of where you installed it. That way, you will be able to have hot water faster.

Now to go into the pros and cons, you must understand that others might have so many posts on this.
But I have been able to pick out 3 that is straightforward. Let’s look into them.

The Pros of tankless water heaters includes:

  • High efficiency
  • Long-term savings
  • Environmental Friendly

Its coins are:

  • Limited flow rate
  • Needs some labor to setup
  • High upfront cost

High efficiency
A tankless water heater is energy efficient than any traditional storage tank. Account to the US Department of Energy, you can have up to 50% efficiency with it. This is because it removes the need for any big storage tank, which results in loss of energy.

Long-term savings

An on-demand hot water system helps to save more on water heating costs. Although there is a cost for installing it, it is one-tome. You can expect a payback after some years with the gas model.

Environmental friendly
It is more efficient than any storage setup. This means you only have to use less fuel to get a lot of hot water. In the traditional type, you only save 40-60 percent which most times lowers after some time.
A tankless water heater can convert a unit of fuel to a full unit of heat.

Disadvantages of a tankless water heater

Its cons are not usually emphasized much. This is because it has an advantage that beats whatever doubt you have on it. But it is okay to list here. I forgot you can scroll to check it.
Let me just explain a bit of them.

on demand water heaters

High upfront cost
Apart from what you paid to get the tankless water heater, you need some money to set it up. This includes the cost of paying a plumber, which can be eliminated by doing it yourself, and the cost of other materials for its installation.

Can electric water heater catch fire?

electric water heater fire causes

An electric water heater can be a saver for anyone that needs a steady amount of hot water.
You don’t have to constantly heat your kettle for water for bathing or something else.
It saves a lot of money and energy. But it comes with its own risk.

When you get the best heater, check its manual. What do you see?
There is a section written that you should hire an expert to install it for you. This is necessary if you don’t know how to do it. Furthermore, you are not required to connect it with a stabilizer. That alone can damage the water heater.

Is that the only way for it to catch fire? No.

I was watching a Twitch stream when the broadcaster said we should wait. He wants to go and check if his water heater caused a spark.

Using a bad water heater brand can catch your fire. There are so many places where you can buy electric water cheaply, but it comes with its own risk. It may not last long. Some might even come with a fault.
It is therefore important to only order from the website you see in this article.
In fact, you can look for the best point-of-use brand online before you buy.

Another thing that can make it catch fire is handling the wrong technician. If you noticed that your water heater has last for a long time, please, buy another one. Don’t even think of repairing it when it has a problem. Get another one and throw that one away. It doesn’t worth taking the risk when you know that a new one will last for more than 5 years. So, get some money and buy a new one.

Does that answer your question? I think you still need to know more.

An electric water heater uses electricity to operate. There is a certain amount of voltage written on anyone you buy. It is advisable to order the one with 240v. That way, even if there is an upgrade of voltage in your country, from 110 to 220v, you won’t have any problem.

shower heater connection

Lastly, make sure you have a switch for turning off your electric water heater. Some might just want to cut off the wire and plug it in a wall socket without buying a suitable plug for it.
You shouldn’t do that. Don’t turn yourself to an electrician when you are not. You should get the right material required for its installation. I forgot that I have already said something about hiring someone good at it to install it for you. So, there is nothing more to write on. Just get a new water heater if your own is too hold and fault to avoid fire damage.

Cheapest twitch viewer bot for real users

affordable twitch viewer bot

No one wants to spend several amounts on a Twitch viewer bot without getting what they plan.
These days, several sites offer paid ones. But the question is, which one is the best to buy from?

To boost twitch viewers using good techniques is not as difficult as lots of people think. You can push 40 thousand into your channel without getting banned by using the right means.

So, what is this means?

Whenever you are ready to start, just read my other post in the last paragraph of this article. You will find where to get views cheap before you finish reading that post.

Let’s say, you have steady viewers from my favorite site; there is a likelihood of receiving that amount and gaining popularity.
But this depends on the amount you need. This simply means the volume you need may make it expensive for some people’s budgets. But when it comes to comparing with other websites, it is better than them.
Do you understand all that? If you don’t, let me explain better.

Everyone needs views, is that right? Some must have planned to spend $100 on that. Let us say, you will get 11,000 twitch views for that amount and 12k for $110. Looking at that, someone who spent a hundred is wasting money. He should add an extra 10 dollars for twelve thousand views.
If you check other places for the same price, you may see that they are higher than their offer.
Moreover, you are not sure if they are going to give you real users. Since what they use is indeed a typical bot. You know nothing comes from that.
If at all they say, they will use it to search for people that will view you clip, it will be okay.
But that is not what those providers say. So, why not concentrate on a source that gives you valid ones?

You can have as many amounts as you desire, but you need to make sure it is within your planned budget.

If you read this post well, you will see that I included a page where you can purchase them. They are the cheapest for now. No doubts, you will get so many within a short while.
That’s indeed the best way to boost twitch viewers very fast.

1000 live twitch viewers

As it stands now, twitch viewers determine how good your channel is. If you create a channel targeting Call of Duty game, you need to have many active viewers. As they roll in, your channel will begin to climb up in Twitch page for its main niche keyword.
This is the same as when you want to promote your video or gain views on a platform like YouTube.

How to get twitch followers fast

gain twitch followers

Becoming popular is amazing. But it can take forever if you don’t know how to get twitch followers fast.
These days, there are so many methods. Most of them are not going to give you up to 1000 twitch followers.
There is a need to get them using a source that you can rely on, no matter the amount.
You don’t have to wait forever for them to appear on your account.
This all means that you won’t be able to have a lot using free techniques.
Here, I will spend a few minutes explaining some tactics that can give you 40-50. If you want more than that, like thousands or millions, you need to purchase a lot.

Make a nice account on Twitch: Many people are a bit confused when it comes to this. Some think they should create one without details of themselves.
Have you ever view the profile of some top twitch game stream users? Their profile is more professional.
Make something better or unique.

Share your profile: Do you have an active account on any social media network? If you don’t, make one with your real information or brand name. Get some friends on that platform. Let’s say it’s Facebook. Create posts on your wall before you make one that contains your twitch link.
You should set a plan on how you intend to share or talk about the account you created on twitch.

Create and publish good videos: This part takes time and might require you to have a proper gadget.
You should make that whatever you share on twitch is high quality. Don’t copy other people’s niche for the sake of becoming famous. You need to be unique or special in what you intend to share.

Gaining top ranking is easier when you do all that. You can’t become a pro or be included in the list of top users if you don’t make an exceptional account.
Setting goals is good too, but you may not achieve them if you don’t pay for twitch followers.
Remember you need a fast method. You don’t have to wait for days before you can get all you desire.

100 twitch followers

In conclusion, let us say you need 5000 twitch followers today; there is a way of getting it.
If you read this post, you will notice that there is a link to where you can get them cheap. Click and visit there now.
Don’t fail to tell other fellows that might be interested in getting a lot for their account.

Best way to boost twitch viewers

boost twitch viewers fast

Have you been thinking of the best way to really boost twitch viewers and become famous? Relax, you should buy twitch viewers today so that real streamers can watch your live streams.
You must have actually thought of promoting your video by yourself. Or maybe, you visited a popular social network and posted your link with the intention of getting them. But, it seems all that failed to give you what you desired.
Here, you are going to learn something that is quite different. You won’t be wasting your whole day.
What you will know here will typically be the most amazing information this week.
I just hope you apply it as I have written. Don’t start looking for an alternative because you won’t find any that is suitable.

There is a high grade of gladness when you have so many people watching your clip. It makes you feel as if you can scale higher to another grade in your streaming plans. But it is annoying when you see that there are so many obstacles that will hinder you from achieving that.
One of such is boosting your viewers on twitch.
No need to wait until you can find the perfect one here. So, keep trying.

These days, there are different services that offer cheap packages for getting views. Many of them use techniques that deliver non-active users. This means you will not see any form of communication on your channel. You are exposed to review or maybe ban. You should spend money on the cheapest twitch viewer bot for real users and also for the flow of active streamers. That way, you will get followers too. Also, you will be sure of getting real views for whatever video you upload or make people stream.

Moreover, there is also the need to have followers. In a few days, I will publish an article that will show you how to get many of them at an affordable cost.

You know the twitch network should be used as a business. You shouldn’t be thinking of boosting your views there if you don’t want to earn from it.
Nowadays, there are so many people that pay their bills and live happily with what they gain there.

If you search on the web well, you will numerous articles that explain how much you can make there.
You don’t need to be a pro in one particular game or the other before you can start streaming.
You just have to make a nice account, pick what you play a lot and then start letting people watch it.

real live twitch viewers

It might take some time to be noticed if you don’t pay for viewers on twitch. So, it is better you skip any method that will require so much energy. Boost it quickly using the store here.

How to build a fanbase on social media

loyal fanbase

If you have any business start-up plan then you must share it through social media. Social media is growing very rapidly now a day. For offline promotion, you have to count on the public interest but in social media, it will automatically reach every corner of the world. More than 2.4 Billion people are using Facebook and Twitter. Creating a huge social media fan base for your product become easier than before through Social Media Marketing.

Follow these social media marketing strategies below to make a perfect fan base in Social Media Market.

Finding a Niche: Selecting a niche is a very important issue. If you are a beginner then you must select one niche and keep proceeding in it. Selecting more than one niche and controlling all of them at a time is quite tough but not impossible. Just make sure what you are going to do makes it perfect. And if you successfully make a huge community then it will be easier for you to control more than one niche.

Always be Active: Always being active is necessary to be in touch with clients. An active and positive fan base is also needed. Regular update and replying all question from your clients is mandatory for a growing industry. You can create a blog channel, an automatic answering machine and good quality posts in social media. Rest depends upon the loyalty of your customers. But if you can gain the ability to keep them then you have a huge fan base so soon.

Reach to Public Needs: Whatever items, you are going to launch it is must be a public need. As a businessman, you know it. But the presentation and the uniqueness of your business will attract people’s needs. If your thinking is unique in the world then there is nothing to worry about but if there are several options available in the market then you need to justify your uniqueness. Think about what the other needs of the product are. Then win the heart of your viewers by strong and beautiful writing and a related image with that post.

Be Patient and Be Professional: Success will not come on the first day but will come definitely one day. Most of the players in this field get fade up just because of some negative response on the first day. All famous businessmen in the market never get success on their first day. So the point is, you have to be patient. Being Professional is another quality you must have. Have a proper response to clients, deliver within the right time and be polite when asking for a review and etc- these all are the qualities of a professional. And never copy from other websites and poster design from them. If you have writers and designer for these then must check by yourself.

authority fanbase

The all basic needs are mentioned above. Social media marketing is not easy and not tough at all. So keep practicing and must follow the rules to make a strong business in social media.