How to become a social media influencer

social media influencer in Nigeria

How been thinking of how to become a social media influencer in a country like Nigeria? If so, you are at the right place.
Becoming a social media influencer is not what you can just wish for. A lot of website owners that have their page on the internet, find it difficult to do that. So, you see tech people are not even experts in that.
However, a lot of people want to have an influencer career. They know how lucrative it can be.

If you check in the early 2000s, televisions, billboards, and radio were used to advertise our brands. Such media were usually used by large organizations. Others were not able to advertise on national TV, else they will risk bankruptcy.

In 2019, digital marketing started to replace traditional advertising with the latest trend known as influencer marketing. It is more organic and also effective.

If you are wondering who a social media influencer is, then you should read below.

It s an individual who has the power to affect the decision power of others due to his or her authority, position, relationship, and knowledge.
You can tag them as people who have built a reputation on a particular topic or subject.
They post regularly on their social media page and have large followers who pay attention to them,

If you want to be a social media influencer, you must go beyond posting interesting videos or pictures.

There are certain qualities, you must have to qualify as a social media influencer.

Persuasive Ability
Any social media influencer should know how to persuade their followers to act.
When influencers say anything, their follower listen. You must learn how to make them do what you want them to do.
With that ability is, you can mindset of a follower and influence his decision in buying.

Ability in storytelling
An influencer is required to be a good writer. You must know how to tell a story. It should be convincing and in a way that moves your followers.

Trust is important in the life of an influencer. You must be honest, original, and transparent so that you can gain the trust of your followers.

Becoming a social media influencer in Nigerian is a serious job. You are serious with your efforts. Don’t buy followers unless you are sure that they are coming from real people.
Fake followers will not engage in your post. You won’t attract brands with them. They may unfollow you after some time. So, don’t waste your money.
If you don’t know where to get real followers, you can either check some of my posts for paid links or follow these steps.

  1. Create fresh social media accounts.
  2. Choose a niche you are passionate about.
  3. Create great content.
  4. >Be consistent all the time.
  5. Be original and authentic.
  6. Build your group of people within the community with a common interest.
  7. Make sure you are consistent.
  8. Be highly informed.
  9. Get a nice looking website.
  10. Use Hashtags.
  11. Give high attention to comments.
  12. Lastly, follow other influencers.

successful social media influencer

If you do all this, certainly you will become a successful social media influencer.

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