How to change an Amazon gift card to cash

change amazon gift card to cash

Are you one of those who received an Amazon gift card from Facebook but have no idea how to redeem or utilize them? If you want to buy something from any place, you should go to the shop. Gift cards are prepaid cards with a stored value that get used in place of cash at stores. The Amazon Gift Card is a type of card that may be used in place of money when purchasing things from the Amazon Store or the Amazon App Store.

Aside from using the Amazon Gift Card to purchase anything from Amazon, it gets exchanged into Naira or another currency. If you are living in Nigeria, you can change your 100 dollars card to physical cash. But first, you need to see how much you will get for trading your gift card.

However, the card may come in any amount, but the minimum to exchange for real cash is $25, while redemption is 15 cents.

Anyway, keep reading; you will know what to do with your card if you don’t want to sell it for physical cash.

What is the purpose of the Amazon gift card?

Amazon Gift Cards are only redeemable on You may use your Amazon gift card to buy a variety of goods. You may also send your gift card to someone on WhatsApp. Consider giving them an Amazon gift card instead of fretting about what to get your sweetheart. The best part about gifting an Amazon gift card is that it never expires.

The best method to put an Amazon gift card to use:

You can use Amazon Gift Cards exclusively on If you wish to use your gift card, follow these steps:

  • Obtain the claim code.
  • Navigate to the page Redeem a Gift Card.
  • Fill in the claim code.
  • Select Apply to your account balance.
  • Your gift card will be transferred to your account when you redeem your card gift.
  • Your equilibrium is never depleting. So you can keep your balance until you’re ready to make use of it.

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance?

To check your Amazon Gift Card balance:

  • Access your account from the home page.
  • Select “Your Account” and then “Gift Cards”,
  • You can now view the balance of any Amazon gift card.

In conclusion, I believe by now you have learned a lot. Remember, I showed you how to change it for cash. Just start by knowing the rate. I don’t think it is difficult. If you feel you want to redeem, visit and type in the card number as described here.

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