How to send Amazon gift card on WhatsApp

how to send amazon gift card via whatsapp

Did you know Amazon is the world’s leading retailer? Of course, you did. That is why Jeff Bezos (we’re sure you know who he is too) is the world’s richest man, with a net worth of nearly $197-billion and growing.

With the pandemic changing our shopping habits, most of us who were buying our stuff in stores learned to buy online in 2020.

Chances are you’ve purchased a couple of things on Amazon in the last month, and so has everyone else you know.

In Q4 2019, Amazon netted $87.44-billion in sales. To give you an idea of the pandemic’s effect, a year later, Amazon earned $125.56-billion in sales in Q4 2020.

With so much variety on Amazon, it is easy to go gift shopping. However, with so much choice, it is challenging to find something you’re sure the other person will enjoy.

Why not give them an Amazon gift card instead?

You can easily buy or convert $100 amazon gift card to naira without any hassle.

Amazon and WhatsApp – Making Shopping Convenient

As of March 2020, WhatsApp, the texting and communications app owned by Facebook, has more than 2-billion subscribers.

That is nearly a third of the planet’s population.

Chances are everyone you know uses this app to message and face-time their friends. You probably used it yourself sometime today already, right? Well, now you can send Amazon gift cards through the WhatsApp messaging system. This post looks at how you can use WhatsApp to send an Amazon gift card to anyone. It will be of help to people that know how to become a social media Influencer. Your employer might decide to pay you using an Amazon card through WhatsApp.

How to Send Amazon Gift Card on WhatsApp

Type “Amazon Gift Card” into the Amazon search bar or on your search engine browser, you’ll see thousands of options available from hundreds of retailers. There are also plenty of retail e-commerce agents selling Amazon gift cards.

Pick up your gift e-card from your retailer of choice, and you have the option of sending it to a third party using WhatsApp as the delivery service.

You have dozens of gift card designs to suit any gifting occasion, with e-cards available in birthday themes and other special life events like graduations, anniversaries, and more.

After settling on the right theme for your card with your e-retailer, you’ll add it to your cart and checkout.

The retailer will give you the option of selecting the amount. It should be between $25 and $500. You then have the option of entering your recipient details.

The retailer, or Amazon, gives you the option of selecting WhatsApp delivery through “text message” and “messaging app.”

After choosing the messaging app option, Amazon or the retailer lets you customize your gift card image to your theme.

The recipient will get their eGift card delivered to their WhatsApp account within 15-minutes after completing your purchase.

How Can I pay for an Amazon eGift Card?

You can pay for your Amazon eGift card using any major credit or debit card directly through the Amazon website.

Amazon eGift card

You also have options to pay with PayPal or other e-wallets with authorized Amazon resellers and agents. Your Amazon eGift card remains valid for one year from the date of purchase.

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