How to get target audience on Facebook

refine your facebook audience

Today, you are going to learn something different. You will know the best and fastest way to get more audience on Facebook. So, let’s get straight into it.

Leverage your other social media networks: A good way to do this is to promote your Facebook page on those networks, especially your Twitter account, and any other accounts that you probably have which is part of your social media. And another way to leverage your social media accounts is also to run contests; just Twitter contests and Facebook contests.
Don’t forget, also, to put your page link on all your profile pages for your social media, GitHub or any account that you have online.

Give away free exclusive: Give gifts to people to join your community. These gifts can be e-books, webinars, or different products, or exclusive content, as well.

Post consistently, and often: A good reason why you want to do this is so that when users get to your page, they will see that you’ve been posting a lot. They’re more likely to actually join and like your page because they don’t think that it is a dead page or one with nothing happening.
It’s a good way to keep everything updated and have stuff rolling on your page. So get a schedule, and stick to it.

Add Like button on your website: Get your Facebook Page like code and add it on your website so that people can easily see it.
Maybe add it to your front page, or on about page. This helps to tell people that you have a fan page. They may likely click and become a member.

Use the Facebook ad system: This is something I have used lots of times to build fan pages that are over 10,000. Basically what Facebook allows you to do is advertise to people who will mostly like your page. You can do it very well at a very cheap cost, from almost three cents to 10 cents per new follower.

facebook audience insight

You see it is not so hard to get lots of audience on Facebook. The method you see above works every time. Lots of people have been able to manage accounts with millions of followers using this.

In case you have other suggestions which you think may be helpful, just send it to me. I will go through it and confirm how valuable it is.

For now, apply that and wait for a result that will put you at the top.