Pros and Cons of a tankless gas water heater

tankless gas water heater benefits

Many house owners can benefit from having tankless hot water. But it is important to know what makes your property suitable to install. Do you need a contract for that? What is the water usage pattern? What of its environmental factors.
All that will help you to know if you should get it for your house.

Now let us take a look at these patterns before I write a bit on their pros and cons.

Hot Water Patterns

One of the things you considered before you setup your traditional storage tank is water use.
To set up a tankless water heater, you need to consider that too. Most times you may not be able to have enough hot water if you don’t have one with a high number of GPM. To avoid this from happening, you should check my next post for the best water heater. They sell the one with the highest volume.


An on-demand water heater can work anywhere. But they can take a long time to heat depending on the climate. It is always recommended to adjust your water heater by first observing the temperature of where you installed it. That way, you will be able to have hot water faster.

Now to go into the pros and cons, you must understand that others might have so many posts on this.
But I have been able to pick out 3 that is straightforward. Let’s look into them.

The Pros of tankless water heaters includes:

  • High efficiency
  • Long-term savings
  • Environmental Friendly

Its coins are:

  • Limited flow rate
  • Needs some labor to setup
  • High upfront cost

High efficiency
A tankless water heater is energy efficient than any traditional storage tank. Account to the US Department of Energy, you can have up to 50% efficiency with it. This is because it removes the need for any big storage tank, which results in loss of energy.

Long-term savings

An on-demand hot water system helps to save more on water heating costs. Although there is a cost for installing it, it is one-tome. You can expect a payback after some years with the gas model.

Environmental friendly
It is more efficient than any storage setup. This means you only have to use less fuel to get a lot of hot water. In the traditional type, you only save 40-60 percent which most times lowers after some time.
A tankless water heater can convert a unit of fuel to a full unit of heat.

Disadvantages of a tankless water heater

Its cons are not usually emphasized much. This is because it has an advantage that beats whatever doubt you have on it. But it is okay to list here. I forgot you can scroll to check it.
Let me just explain a bit of them.

on demand water heaters

High upfront cost
Apart from what you paid to get the tankless water heater, you need some money to set it up. This includes the cost of paying a plumber, which can be eliminated by doing it yourself, and the cost of other materials for its installation.

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